Development and
consultancy company

Founded in October 1993, Equinoxe MIS Development is a society of development and council particularly active in the academic management domain and the health domain.

A great knowledge of our client’s profession as well as a complete offer of high-level solutions and services is the key of success in our business relations, which are more considered as partnerships.

With as our main purpose to position ourselves as the main competence centre serving our customers, we work in close collaboration with several organisms like the ‘Centre Hospitalier de la Côte’ (health domain) and the EPFL (academic management domain).

The academic world

From the primary, secondary and professional teaching to the university level going through the continuous formation, the administrative and academic management of schools evolves rapidly through months and years. These developments can not suffer any delay on their implementation in the system. This challenge has been met by our society, in a close collaboration with the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), and the result is the achievement of the information system IS-Academia

The health domain

Our expertise in the health domain concentrates around different axes such as: the management of medico-economic data; the planning of operating rooms and the management of beds occupation; the management of care duration for all carers (software certified LEP and SQS) or the management and monitoring of medical problem all along the patient’s stay. Several others more targeted software, for example the management and monitoring of addicted patients treated with methadone or the management of international medical congress, complete our knowledge and presence in the health domain.