Academic management system

The IS-Academia features

Multi-schools & multilingual

The system allows you to manage several schools and several languages used in your different schools.

Fully configurable

According to your needs and demands, IS-Academia fully fits to your workflows.

With your design

This software is fully designable to your organisation's corporate identity. Colours, fonts, logos and the position of elements.

Compatible with other information systems

IS-Academia easily communicates with other information systems, either by sharing files (csv, XML) or by web services.


The application is developed in order to allow the several stakeholders of the academic field - teacher, student, administrator – to work within the same system with controlled data access.

Competence centre


Equinoxe MIS Development offers a range of services, specially thought and developed to help us advise you. They are also useful to take you throughout the year with organisational or functional evolutions you want or need to set up in your own organisation.

Those changes may be from multiple natures: evolution of studies’ rules; changes in your organisational structure; collaboration agreements between schools; implementation of new administrative or study directives; changes in the visual presentation of information in your system.

All these services have been conceived to let you consider theses evolutions and other changes in an optimal way, due to the presence of a qualified and competent team completely dedicated to you.

This competence centre is located in the Innovation Park, which is close to the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). By this choice, we offer a technical and modern environment, in offices fully equipped and several conference rooms.

EPFL, a customer and a partner

If our business relationship with the EPFL began in 1993, we concluded in 2003 a specific valorisation contract, which authorize us to promote and install the information system IS-Academia to other formation entities in Switzerland and abroad.